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When i took on this website i wasnt quite aware of how much work it would be. Trouble is that work doesnt come from the maintanance of the website itself but the information from all the activites that i put on it! The group has grown tremendously over the last year, and with more members comes the need for more activities!

We have packed so much in before our main summer holiday club has even started. You can check out all of these events on the calendar page.

So get those booking forms in where necessary and I'll see you there!

Keep Smiling and keep having

 As Always


Darren Woodhouse.                                         




A few quotes from parents comments and letters....

"He has never been to the cinema before" Mother of 13 year old.
"Usually the water is too cold and he wants out after 5 minutes" Mother trying to convince her Son that 1 1/2 hours swimming at Keech Cottage was enough.
"She is so relaxed and happy" A happy mother.
"She said swimming was great and enjoyed the sports day - looking forward to Easter"
"Would not know what to do without FUN"
"Everyone is so nice and helpful"
"That's the first time he has ever got straight in and swam"


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